Palazzo Litta Cultura,
communicating interdisciplinarity 

Palazzo Litta Cultura is the first Italian partnership between public and private in the world of culture.


The project stems from the will of the Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture for Lombardy to enhance Palazzo Litta and to create a new center for cultural events in Milan.
We have designed the logo in two horizontal and vertical versions, and an identity pattern based on the idea of maximum unpredictability, or of the “knight’s move” in chess. We have applied the branding system to institutional needs and to all graphic tools: banners, advertising, signage, exhibition graphics, information leaflets. We have also designed the brands, the visual identity and the advertising of the exhibitions directly produced by Palazzo Litta Cultura.
Palazzo Litta Cultura, in the period in which it was able to oversee its own cultural offerings, confirmed its place as an innovative producer of events, concerts and exhibitions based on unique interdisciplinary programming. In the first two years, more than 14,000 people attended the events.


Marchio a colore

“The graphic design created for the Palazzo is the perfect summary of its variegated cultural offerings. A checkerboard enlivened on each occasion by a different game, but always engaging, amusing and new, where the brand of Palazzo Litta Cultura, deconstructed and playful, establishes a dialogue with elements that can be dissonant, or intriguing, or simply in explicit dialogue: Fragile has provided Palazzo Litta with a detailed, surprising image, precisely like the dialogue established in each initiative with the audience and the city.”

Marco Edoardo Minoja
Regional Secretary for Lombardy of MiBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities)

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Palazzo Litta exhibition
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Mario Trimarchi Design-Palazzo Litta Cultura-Mappe