A collection of glasses creating small towers of balance decorated by hydrangeas, leaves and exotic flowers in a black background.
Drops_Pasabahce_Mario Trimarchi Design

glass collection for Paşabahçe

The dancing balance

Inspired by the vertical direction of the rain, and that idea that sooner or later all the drops end up down on the table, and make up for a single instant, small unstable towers as equilibrium miracles. This collection of glasses wants exactly to capture this fragile moment, when drops come together and freeze just in touch with our hands.
Drops_Paşabahçe_Omnia_glassware design_Mario Trimarchi Design_Products Artworks
Preparatory drawing artwork representing a collection of glasses in balance under the rain made with ink on paper.
Preparatory drawing for the collection of glasses creating small towers of balance to capture the fragile moment when drops get in contact with our hands. Underwater drops, drawing by Mario Trimarchi 2017.
MT Drawing – Ink on paper, 2017
Drops_Paşabahçe_Omnia_glassware design_Flower design_Mario Trimarchi Design_Products Artworks