Fruit trays and center pieces by Mario Trimarchi for Alias, in a neutral background with a light projecting soft shadows.
Out of scale_Alias_Mario Trimarchi Design_Santi Caleca

Out of scale,
centerpieces for Alias

Enigmatic Micro-Architectures

From a long research conducted by cutting across the boundaries between nature, architecture, sculpture and design is born Out of Scale, the first collection of fruit holders and centerpieces for Alias. These are objects made with the materials of architecture, and they dream of lasting like real architecture. With their presence and their shadow, they seem to take root, delimit a territory, move other objects away, talk to each other at night. They are made of concrete, wood, aluminum and bronze, milled or stamped or cast and then caressed, sanded and finished by the precise hands of precise craftsmen. They will contain oranges or bananas or bunches of grapes and cherries or simply nothing; often they will be still, immobile and empty, expressing the desire and need to confront ourselves with the miracle of geometry.
Fruit trays and Center pieces by Mario Trimarchi for Alias, with a neutral background and light projecting direct shadows.
Art Drawing of The cliff awaits the storm by Mario Trimarchi for Alias in black ink on white paper.
MT Drawing – Ink on paper, 2018
Out of scale art drawings by Mario Trimarchi for Alias and picture showing details of the form.
oggetti smarriti_sculptures_mario trimarchi_5