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Yuubi Brushes,

The Poetics of Post-Contemporary Objects

This collection of makeup brushes tells a story of beauty; these objects are the only ones that can gently caress the faces of women. They are, in part, both magical and functional, artificial and natural, but I am certain that they have to be designed in such a way as to be gorgeous. Hence they are post-contemporary objects: objects indifferent to their epoch and the flow of human time; objects that fill us with questions and provide no certainties or answers; objects that ask us to try to understand who we are and where the nebulous future ahead of us will lead. We follow them, trusting in the restless instinct of the designer, and we will be the first to silently enter the universe of authentic, lasting beauty.
Yuubi brushes_Limited Collection_Drawing_Mario Trimarchi Design_Products Artworks
Yuubi brushes_Limited Collection_Drawing_Beauty design_Drawing_Mario Trimarchi Design_Products Artworks