Art Drawing of Radical Thinking exhibition of Il tempo della Festa by Mario Trimarchi in black ink on white paper and two frames showing art pieces with light green background.
A small family of silicone kitchen molds, which allows you to bring to the table small architectural forms all different from each other.


Art Drawing of Yuubi brushes by Mario Trimarchi on black ink on paper and photo composition of the object that develop from that form.
Objects that ask us to try to understand who we are and where the hazy future that lays ahead is going to lead us.





Art drawing in black ink of "Emptiness", for Deborah Milano in a white background. And Art piece showing related forms.
Design and packaging of the main makeup and skincare lines, packaging graphics and design of new display fixtures for large retail contexts and multibrand points of sale. In 2007 the packaging of the Bioetyc skincare line won the Good Design Award.


Design is a naive way to feel a little closer to the mystery of beauty