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Oggetti Smarriti, Limited Edition,
sculptures of mixed materials

Oggetti Smarriti was born from an extensive research on sculptural forms to host fruit; the first stage of this research has been presented for the first time at Palazzo Litta in Milan during the 2015 Fuorisalone, this research was describing somewhat disoriented objects that feel bewilderment looking at us, looking at other objects, looking at our homes; they don’t understand where they are, but they try to talk to each other to feel less alone.


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“The respect with which the designer faced the relationship between the living element (the fruits), the containers and the space around them was nonetheless truly touching. And the essence of the forms memorable.”

Laura Traldi, “Oggetti Smarriti: design turned into poetry”, in Design@Large, d.repubblica.it, 23 aprile 2015