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neverending variations

One of the most experimental companies, open to innovation, in the furniture sector in Italy.


Thanks to its dynamism, Alias can make use of almost “just in time” communication, with frequent changes of graphic design and visual impact, and in any case varying with each annual Salone del Mobile.
We have designed a system that centers on the logo and other graphic features that remain constant, easily adaptable to constantly changing visual narratives. Therefore, around the guiding idea of “Neverending Variation,” every year the credo and values of the company are narrated anew, utilizing new rhythms, formats and photographs. In this way, the catalogues of products for the home, for outdoor use and the lighting contract sector are constantly reinvented, together with the website, the advertising campaigns and the graphics of trade fair displays.
Alias reinforces its position as a company in ongoing evolution, offering a pleasant surprise to its clients by radically updating its image each year.


Our project for Alias received the Red Dot Design Award – 2008
Products photos by Luca Tamburlini and Riccardo Bianchi


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“The Alias identity system is one that will continue to evolve. A process rather than a static identity solution is a better fit for most companies. Trimarchi says: “We spend time with our client and develop a system that can live on – not a corporate identity, but a corporate personality.”

Catharine Fishel: “Alias: identity redesign”, on Logo Lounge 5, Rockport Publishers, USA, 2009 
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