Catalogue cover for Gebana showing details of logo and image detailing composition of the cover in a black background.

a story behind fair product

Gebana has operated as a “fair trade” company since 1972; its goal is to rapidly change global trade in favor of family farmers, local communities and the environment.


We have designed the entire communication system of the company in an innovative way, starting from the concept “A Story Behind Each Product”: a system in which the characteristics of all the photos of fruit and vegetables, the photos of the farmers and their families, all the graphic formats, the icons of business and social activities are brought back to the “activist” origin of the company. We have completely redesigned the institutional website and the online shop, the newsletters, the seasonal mailing materials, the annual report, the way of reporting data and tables, in addition to updating the logo with the long-term slogan “Weltweit ab Hof” as a stable pedestal.
Gebana has a completely renewed look, which precisely communicates all its values, while conveying its uniqueness as a company that wants to push the limits of “fair trade.”


The project was carried out under the design management consultancy of Realise.
Products Photos by Santi Caleca


Open Catalogue for Gebana showing details of typography, titles, images and texts detailing composition of the Catalogue in a light white and greyscale background.

“I was impressed by Fragile’s very high sensitivity towards our uniqueness and needs.
I think it was the key for the truly great results achieved.”

Adrian Wiedner
Executive Director

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Website of Gebana on a laptop showing details of typography, titles, images and texts detailing composition of the branding and different logos used on the sections of the site.
Catalogue details for Gebana showing logos, typographies, images and texts showing the composition in a white background.
Gebana Web shop site showing an orange fruit with menu and title in the Color Palette of the Brand.
Gebana outdoor posters showing logo with fruit backgrounds and a blurred person with a backpack looking at them.