Fiato sul collo_Alessi_Jewelry_Mario Trimarchi Design_Product Artworks_Ph Santi Caleca
Fiato-sul-collo_Alessi_Mario-Trimarchi-Design-Ph-Santi Caleca

Fiato sul collo,
jewelry collection for Alessi

Unstable geometries

Fiato sul collo is unexpected jewelry, like cheerful thoughts, a whispered wish for unstable survival, for timeless beauty in a world that no longer knows what to do with time.
Fiato sul collo_Alessi_Jewelry_packaging design_Mario Trimarchi Design_Product Artworks
Fiato sul collo_Alessi_Art direction_Jewelry_Mario Trimarchi Design_Product Artworks_Ph Santi Caleca

In this necklace, a mosaic of identical steel shapes floating around the neck, origin and destination are mere points on a continuum of play. Whether the geometric order of his work is random or intentional doesn’t matter; it’s an expression of Trimarchi’s creative transformation – a certain and beautiful thing.

Erica Zora Wrightson,
AUDI MAGAZINE – edition 106