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Flower vases for Alessi

The simple glory of the ephemeral

It is a little family of floating vases, which silently measure that undetermined amount of time that gives cut flowers unexpected moments of additional life. These vases are like drops of dew trapped in almost invisible spiderwebs; they float, suspended and very fragile, to silently measure the time and beauty of existence.
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Intanto | Product Design | Alessi | Mario Trimarchi Design
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“Trimarchi even has a name for this understated aesthetics: “Fewism”. Fewism lies between the minimal and the normal: it is the smarter thing you could do without lapsing into indulgence or style for its own sake.”

Dominic Lutyens, DESIGN WEEK, September 10, 2009
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A flower is still a flower when it is picked, but we cannot say that it is still alive.


As the first petals gradually separate themselves from the symmetry we will say: it’s time to replace them.


Or we’ll leave them without water to fix their immanent beauty, just before of the yellowing of the leaves or the bittersweet perfume of the end.


Finally, we will look at the flowers floating in the floating vases with the attentive eyes of those that know how to enjoy the transitory.