Greyscale Catalog for Artemide Architectural, light design with Logo in red color in a red background.

Artemide Architectural,
objects as architectures

Artemide is a division of one of the most prestigious lighting companies on an international level, and it includes a specific collection of lamps for contract projects.


Artemide is one of the most important international players in the sector of premium design lighting. The company wants to reinforce the positioning of its technical offerings for large spaces, retail facilities and exhibitions, giving this division the same distinctive appeal found in the products of the mother company.
We have designed a new way of narrating products, in the light of the concept “Objects as Architecture,” with painstaking art direction that covers the way of photographing products from unexpected vantage points, with extreme enlargements and a very high level of contrast, in strictly black and white images.
The company has laid the graphic groundwork for the communication of its technical offerings, in a project that calls for variations and adaptations over time, within a distinctive, coherent framework.


The project was conducted for the first year under the art direction of Oliviero Toscani.
Product photos by Jean-Pierre Maurer.



Hospitality, retail and office light catalog for Artemide Architectural in greyscale on a black background. On the right side of the screen the open catalog shows a detail of the model Kalifa and Kalifa II in greyscale with blackbackground.
Technical data inside the brochure designes for Artemide Architectural showing the size, power, and components of Iodo model light.
Nine light catalogues showing Elipse, Ermes, Elio, EOS System, Toplite, Oto, Mix System, Megan and Flap lights from Artemide Architectural.
Technical data inside the brochure designes for Artemide Architectural showing the distribution of the intensity of the lights with photometric polar diagrams in Cd/Klm.
Three light catalogues for Artemide of a compact and ultra-lightweight directional projector.