Crédit Agricole_Mario Trimarchi Design_Herbarium_Floralia_Collection

Crédit Agricole,
wishing customers to think creative

As a new year begins, the bank usually releases a full range of communication tools for boosting customers’ loyalty.


Crédit Agricole decided to recount the beauty of nature through their established new year’s customer gifts, with the aid of one-of-a-kind sketches and drawings poetically exploring the expressive richness of plants’ structure.
After designing plants, trees, flowers, branches eventually gathered in three exclusive collections, Herbarium 2021, Floralia 2022 and Foliage 2023, we matched the designs of the three collections with a new graphic project enhancing the institutional colours of the bank subsequently applied to datebooks, calendars, greeting cards and screenshots of home banking and cash dispensers. In addition to this, we designed a special notebook which, featuring blank pages as well as drawings, is meant to suggest the creative use of thought sustaining the daily routine.
This project proved helpful for the bank to develop the right “tone of voice” to be used in the relationship with customers. While the easily recognizable graphic materials provide a consistent body of communication refreshed year after year, the notebook has grown into a little cult amidst the clients’ community.


Crédit Agricole_Mario Trimarchi Design_Foliage collection_brand identity
Crédit Agricole_Mario Trimarchi Design_Floralia collection_Brand Identity
Crédit Agricole_Mario Trimarchi Design_Herbarium collection_Brand Identity