LUNEDI_Addo_workstation_home office_details_sound-absorbing fabric_Mario Trimarchi Design
LUNEDI_Addo_workstation_home office_wood and fabric_mobile_Mario Trimarchi Design3

Workstation for Addo

When you get up in the morning and can’t wait to work…

A small workstation for home working, which allows you to work in the smallest possible space, while maintaining a happily domestic look. The anxieties of work enter the house and leave it softened, muffled by the warmth of the wood and dampened by the sound-absorbing fabric. Different colors and different wood essences to create a small silent space in which to sometimes take refuge.
LUNEDI_Addo_workstation_home office_domestic look_Mario Trimarchi Design2
LUNEDI_Addo_workstation_home office_wood and fabric_Mario Trimarchi Design3
LUNEDI_Addo_workstation_home office_details_Mario Trimarchi Design4