Socrate Outdoor_Outdoor Furniture_Caimi__Mario Trimarchi Design
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Socrate Outdoor
Modular system for Caimi

Designing transversality

This highly commercially successful furniture system, designed by Caimi Lab thirty years ago, has been completely renovated with the aim of making it more contemporary and adapting it to outdoor environments.
The new colors, new configurations and new accessories make it a transversal system, capable of living indifferently at home, in the office, in the open air.
The system is now 100% recyclable, and continues to reserve great aesthetic and functional potential even after a long time.
“To accompany Socrates in the open air we started with the sound of raindrops on the sheet metal, from the touch of butterflies at dawn, from the continuous chase of light and shadows. So now Socrates is ready not only for our balconies and terraces and gardens, but also to return to interiors, richer, more colorful, contemporary “
Design: Mario Trimarchi and Caimi Lab
Socrate Outdoor_Outdoor Furniture_Caimi__drawing_Mario Trimarchi Design
Socrate Outdoor_Outdoor Furniture_Black version__Caimi_Mario Trimarchi Design